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Heal the Body & Relax your Mind

The color indigo symbolizes a state of serenity and inner peace. At The Johannesburg day spa offers a selection of treatments that restore one’s inner, natural state of equilibrium. Surrender yourself to an experience that lifts you up, takes you on a beautiful journey and then sets you back on earth feeling serene and rejuvenated.

Soothe the stress of modern life away and surrender to rituals of fragrant oils and healing stones.

Allow yourself to be fully immersed in a private and personal inner journey and to be enveloped by serenity and peace.

Come experience our Signature Hot Stone Body Massage!
Rejuvenate your Body & Soul

A hot stone massage offers some relaxing time for your mind and helps in releasing muscular tension.

Stress is something we all have in our lives. Whether is personal or work related, it’s something we all need to manage. High levels of stress often lead to health problems. In order to manage stress efficiently, we need to find ways of reducing our stress levels.

Remove Stress with Indigo Spa!

A hot stone massage offers some relaxing time for your mind and does wonders in releasing muscular tension. It is therefore one of the best ways to relieve stress. It also improves blood circulation and flow of energy.

At the Indigo Spa, our signature treatment is a full body hot stone massage. Let our trained staff provide you with a hot stone massage treatment that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

A calming and soothing massage can also do wonders in giving you an emotional boost, leaving you feeling energized and de-stressed.

Located at 3 Forssman Close, Barbeque Downs Kyalami,  your treatment will definitely be worth the trip.
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