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Krazy giraffe is a new Digital Advertising & Rewards site, where customers Earn Rewards by Browsing & Reducing Deals for free. Krazy Giraffe’s business model is based on Shared Value Marketing, meaning that the revenue generated from Advertising is shared as Rewards to the consumer to purchase deals, subsidizing deals to an affordable cost and paying the merchant full value for the deal. The more a customer browses and reduces the Deals, the more rewards they generate for themselves.

The concept was first established in 2018 by the founder, who then opened the company in 2019 and completed development of the platform towards the end of 2019.

The core concept came about because of the everyday financial struggles of South Africans and many people losing their money and pensions by investing in 'ill advised' schemes, which leaves them destitute and in need of jobs again. We needed to find a way to help people financially, without them having to Lose money.


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The company was born of the desire to Help People and to improve their living conditions especially in Africa and South Africa. People cannot afford to dream; they dream but are unable to materialize them, due to the lack of funds, money and support. The Purpose of Krazy Giraffe is to improve the Economy and the lives of South Africans and Africans.


Investing in the Economy and country starts with investing in the people. If people do not have the money, they are unable to grow, they are unable to purchase. It is great to Reduce Prices and Advertise for Sales, but when people cannot afford the products and services, it results in an imbalance and a lack of Sales. Giving back in the form of Rewards before people Spend, inspires people, and helps them to be positive and hopeful to change their lives for the better and drives them to work towards a better life, by being able to Afford More.

The pandemic has just highlighted and exacerbated the financial issues that plague our country and plummeted many of the working class into lower income groups. This has resulted in the rise of entrepreneurs and people who are requiring a means to generate a second income and people requiring additional money to purchase their everyday necessities. These three groups of people are the target market for this new advertising channel.

Another factor leading to this concept, is the lack of jobs globally and in SA where the Rise in Technology, ironically is replacing people’s jobs and leading them to look at other means to make money, like the 'ill advised' investment schemes. Our concept does not require any money to be invested, lent or borrowed by people, but just a means to give back to Community, helping to uplift them and Local Business, as well as the Economy.


  • To build the economy and get back on track, businesses need to diversify and add an inclusive approach into their marketing strategy. An inclusive strategy in which companies contribute to building and helping people financially, for them to grow and afford more, which leads to more positive customer sentiment and a regenerative economy.
  • This growth of customer confidence will lead to more sales for local business, placing them on the path towards recovery and the creation of more jobs. We therefore appeal to all businesses, from SMEs to large corporates, as well as government, to embrace an inclusive economy and advertise online with Krazy Giraffe.
  • Driving Awareness of our Shared Value Marketing model, which distributes a portion of our revenue to the customer as rewards, making Deals more affordable.
  • Partner with local businesses to utilise a self-sustaining solution, offering scalability and profitability to our local businesses and creating economic value to all involved.


  • People are our passion, and we have a social obligation to help people to survive the current economic decline and positively view this time of change as an opportunity.
  • Create shared value by using innovative business ideas to create self-sustainable solutions for society.
  • Partner with local businesses for affordable and rewarding solutions towards the development of community and profitability.
  • Work with communities and businesses as a collective society to achieve the goals of one another.
  • High quality and integrity are at the heart of our business. We work with local businesses to deliver the same high-quality product and/or service.


1. Community
  • At Krazy Giraffe, we believe individualism is the past and the future are communities and businesses working as collective society to achieve the goals of each other.
  • Our aim is to give back to the community by offering customers a means to pay for necessities via rewards generated by Browsing and Reducing Deals. We reward people before they spend.

2. Businesses
  • Sellers can list their deals (products or services) for free on the site with the understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions at registration. Deals are discounted by the customer to encourage a purchase for a bargain price.
  • The discounts that the customers benefit from is subsidised by Krazy Giraffe. The Seller will receive the full price of the item offered, minus a small facilitation fee.

3. Advertisers
  • We challenge the current rewards programme model available to companies, by introducing a self-sustaining solution, which offers economic value to the customers before they spend, along with business profitability, through incorporating the 'Create Shared Value' strategy within our business strategy.
  • We want to partner with All Businesses, from SMMEs and SMEs to Large Companies and Corporates, to Advertise on Krazy Giraffe and thereby, use their advertising spend, to share the revenue generated with the customer through our Rewards Programme.

4. Users
  • Sign Up, reduce deals, earn points, get free deals and cash back
  • E-commerce site helps customer to utilize their accumulated reward points to either purchase the deal for FREE or purchase deals in conjunction with the customers own money or purchase everyday necessities (like shopping vouchers, airtime or data) for FREE.


  • Share this benefit with family and friends and every time they discount deals is an opportunity for you to earn more rewards.
  • Earn a passive income by promoting our services and earn commission on every service sale.


  • If you see the value in this model and would like to adopt a similar solution for you or your organisation, please get in touch. Let us team up and focus on the power of partnerships to drive the value forward!

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